The Milk Crate Bandits

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The Milk Crate Bandits started as Jack Ray busking on the streets of Sydney and Vancouver and of course stealing milk crates to sit on.

The Milk Crate Bandits make music to make you dance, smile and party. It’s music born on the streets. Walking down the streets of Vancouver you’ll see them on their stolen plastic thrones and playing the sounds of New Orleans. Yes, some may say they’re crooks but the petty theft of a milk crate from a back alley is surely absolved by the love they’ll give you if you come and listen. The joy of the music will make you jump, holler and shout and some even say that being party to a misdemeanour makes it all the more fun!

In October 2016 the Milk Crate Bandits travelled to New Orleans to record two EPs with New Orleans great Kevin Louis on Trumpet.
The first, entitled 'The Neighbourhood', is set for release mid-2017. Together and individually the members of the band have played with Angus and Julia Stone, Ernie Elly, Kevin Louis, The Shotgun Jazz Band, the EarReagulars and many other greats.

So if you see a spare milk crate on the street pull up a seat and join in the joyous, swinging and dirty sounds of 1920s New Orleans played by vagabonds from across the globe!

Quotes on Jack Ray

“Part of the future” and ‘The Man to keep ‘Hot Jazz’ alive”- Eddy Davis, Member of the Banjo Hall of Fame and leader of the Woody Allen Jazz Band.

From the Audience
“Thanks for making it feel like 1920 again”- Julie, Vancouver, BC Description of the music

Sophisticated and joyous traditional jazz. The Milk Crate Bandits play the music of luminaries such Louis Armstrong Hot Five, Jelly Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers, King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band, Duke Ellington’s Cotton Club Orchestra with a respect for the tradition and a unique look towards the future.

Horns blaring, banjoes ringing and good-looking guys and gals crooning till you laugh and weep all the while dancers swirl by.